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Our 5 steps to marriage Insha'Allah

We have over 3,000 registered members. So what are you waiting for?

لدينا أكثر من 3،000 أعضاء مسجلين. وبالتالي ماذا تنتظر؟


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“Share the KHAIR” by making a contribution towards registration, this is a one off amount of your choice inshallah.

1) “PAY AS YOU GO” = £2 per proposal

2) “Try me” = £5 for one month send or accept FIVE proposals (£1 per proposal)

3) “Silver” = £8/month (for three months) send or accept THIRTY proposals (You pay £24 which is £0.80 per proposal)

4) “Gold” = £15/month (for three months) send or accept SEVENTY FIVE PROPOSALS (You pay £45 which is £0.60 per proposal)

5) “Platinum” = £30/month (for three months) send or accept UNLIMITED (You pay £90 based on Fair usage)


A. Profile promoted on the homepage for 14 days = £10

B. Your profile is promoted on social media = £20

• N.B. The prices above are inclusive for packages (2) to (5) i.e. total amount to be paid for three months in advance

• Any UNUSED credits are not rolled over to the next month.

• IF the paid member’s credit has elapsed before the end, the member has 3 options:

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I have had positive experiences using the Sunnah Marriage UK Website.  The fact it is strictly halal and no direct contact with the opposite gender is reassuring.   Also that only GENUINE people are registered and you know that it will be taken seriously.  

The team are very encouraging and listen to your requirements.  They play a  positive role and go over and above what you expect from matchmakers.See More Details


معلومات عنا

About us

لوريم إيبسوم دولور سيت أميت، كونسكتيتور أديبيسيسينغ إليت، سيد دو إيسمود تيمبور إنسيدونت أوت لابور إت دولور ماغنا أليكوا. أوت إنيم أد مينيم فينيام، كويس نوسترود إكسيرسيساتيون

By the Grace of Allah, Sunnah Marriage UK was established in 2013 as an online networking tool with the sole aim of connecting like minded Muslims in their endeavour to find the ultimate spouse.

Our USP has always been to maintain an Islamic ethos throughout the matchmaking process in order to ensure it remains shariah compliant.

We do this by:

Guardian Involvement
By involving a guardian/Wali we hope to achieve a pure authentic approach right from the get-go.

No Chat Facility
To help our fellow brothers and sisters avoid delving in to haram relationships, we've chosen to remove this feature.

No exchange of pictures
To keep the process Islamic & confidential we thought photos or other communication can be arranged through your family / guardian.